grovlin - just another JVM language

Building his own language is the dream of every programmer who already programmed in some languages but never was 100% happy with one of them.

In my case I’m nearly 100% happy with Kotlin but missing a bit of the simplicity and java-like syntax of Groovy. After reading the really good blog-series of Frederico Tomasseti, I decided to merge my favorite features of Kotlin and Groovy. So this project was born :).

In the summer semester of 2017 I had the chance to continue to work on this project in the Compiler Tool Practical of the University of Bremen.

Antlr -> AST -> Grovlin -> Java -> Bytecode -> JVM

def main(String args) {
    println("Guess my number (0-9)!")
    var number = rand(10).toString()
    var input = readline()

    if input == number {
        println("You guessed my number!")
    } else {
        println("My number was " + number + " and your number is " + input)