lazy - a boilerplate generator

Many of my projects are highly modularized with a fair amount of Gradle sub-modules. Creating such a sub-module often takes time and is quite boring. X diectories for the sources, tests, package structure, a gradle build file here and an entry to settings.gradle there …

Some of my projects are also extensible by the ServiceLoader-Pattern. The ServiceLoader class which ships with Java 6+ needs also some boilerplate to get you started: a file inside _META-INF/services/my.service.interface with a fully qualified classname for your implementation.

To get rid of this boring manual task, lazy was created. It leverages ksh to act as an interactive shell and generate boilerplate on demand.

lazy> help
Available commands:

      gradle: Provides templating commands specific for gradle.
        module: Generates a new Gradle module with given name, group, language.
      meta: Provides templating commands specific for META-INF stuff.
        services: Generates an META-INF/services/[your_service] file.

Builtin commands:

    * clear: Clears the terminal.
    * exit: Exits the shell.
    * help: Prints this help message.
    * !: Allows to executes arbitrary shell commands.
        file: Allows to execute ksh commands provided by a file.
    * stacktrace: Prints the last error.
      system: Provides different system utils.
        time: Prints the current time.
        date: Prints the current date.