Tinbo - extensible shell-like platform to manage everything

Tinbo is the commandline tool to manage my time and finances. I wrote it with the goal to learn Kotlin, the Spring Ecosystem and to see what happens when you write absolutly no tests :).

My takes on this are:

  • Kotlin is now my primary language for personal projects
  • Spring is awesome to bootstrap projects and provide rich building blocks! It is also heavy and has a big starting penalty for cli-tools.
  • No tests can work and safe time, but recurring broken recent features are not fun to debug :(

Sorry no image for tinbo found :()

It is build as a general purpose extensible shell-like platform.

  • Builds on top of Spring-Shell
  • Supports different modes for command filtering
  • Highly extensible through ServiceLoader pattern

Sorry no image for tinbo found :()
Sorry no image for tinbo found :()